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Related Pins This is hitting my nerd brain on like, a whole lot of levels.

Chewbacca was always grumbling about that comb stuck in his back fur...

I guess I can move this here now

So, the rancor ISN'T dead? (the best part of this is that my spell checker didn't mark "rancor" as misspelled. Excellent Firefox.... excellent).

I know this is meant to just be funny, but this is what using a light saber is like in the old D6 RPG.

It just so happens that I DO Cary a lightsaber (occasionally). :-)

Illustrated Star Wars Posters As a big star wars fan you see so much the same kind of posters, this one is more in my field an makes me to do one also...

Star Wars Babies: it bothers me that they put Darth Vader here. He didn't become Darth Vader until he was an adult. Any geek knows this.

The Simple Spaceship Chart by Avanaut, via Flickr