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National Security Archive Electronic Briefing Books provide online access to critical declassified records on issues including U.S. national security, foreign policy, diplomatic and military history, intelligence policy, and more.

An interesting article on the "best" health care systems throughout the world, and how they compare to the normal American experience.

Tlalpujahua Journal: A Christmas Economy Thrives All Year in the Mountains of Mexico

Hitler during a military briefing. To his right, the chief of staff of OKW (Supreme Armed Forces Command) General (later field marshal) Keitel.

The Moment the President Heard About The Obamacare Ruling -- "This man has endured racism and hate on an unprecedented level. An entire party platform was designed to purposely obstruct him at every turn, on every issue. The secret service has reported that the number of actionable threats against him is quadruple that of his lying, murderous predecessor.Through it all he has remained poised [and used his wits and knowledge of the law to out-maneuver his opponents"...

Lynx is found in Greek, Norse and North American cultures. Native Americans call Lynx the ‘keeper of secrets’ because of his elusive; secretive nature. Lynx is said to be able to see through solid objects into other dimensions and into your soul. In Norse mythology Lynx is War Goddess Freya's familiar leading her to victory through vision & foresight * One of the 48 cards in the - this is a brief description and not the complete oracle meaning.