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The Man Tree

Shotgun Shell Santa Suit Ornament: Clean the shells with a Magic Eraser, Draw the belt on with a Sharpie and use silver Duck Tape for the buckle.

Duck Sculpture- Quacker Jack- Salvaged Iron Water Garden Ornament- Metal Art Sculpture- Duck, Bird, - One of a Kind

Quacker Jack- Salvaged Iron Garden Ornament- Metal Art Sculpture- Duck, Bird, - One of a Kind. $85.00, via Etsy.

Ornate Nightstand in Robin's Egg Blue & Black

Ornate Nightstand in Black & Robin's Egg Blue ~ Before & After. Find more painted, glazed & distressed inspiration on our Pinterest boards, or on the Facelift Furniture DIY blog.

Chicken feeders are insanely expensive...or maybe I'm just insanely cheap. $30+ for a bucket with holes in it just seemed wrong to me. I made this one from a Home Depot bucket bolted to a 16" plant saucer, for a total cost of about $8. If you look closely you can see openings around the bottom of the bucket (made using my trusty Dremel tool) for the feed to come out of. I left the handle on the bucket so I can hang the feeder if I want to.

July. Christmas. Ready.

Okay, maybe not completely. Probably not at all. (Someone – walks like a duck… talks like a duck… – has “borrowed” everything I’ve made so far for &#8220…