Its a pillowpet

Is this how it is Amber? Hahaha

The Difference Between Cats and Dogs This is so true!

One day


This is pretty much what my puppy does! Hahahaha! Visit us @ for more funny animals photos.

This dog has got 5% success in his escape attempt, what about 95%? Share your #prediction on this #funnypic It's fun! #funnydogs #dogmemes #memes

And this dog who is staring at a curtain instead of out the window. | 31 Dogs Who Failed So Hard They Won

picture of cat with caption that says, haters gonna hate | haters gonna hate - Pimp Strut Cat More funny things:

my friends have done this to me me mouthing act natural act natural then i relize this is there natural my friends and me we are the weird kids in high school

Dog Vs Cat Logic - so my dog and cat!!!


I`m just sitting here


Don’t ask

Ugly bald puppy!

my dogs exactly!



Hahaha.... I literally laughed out loud!