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I do this all of the time as fast as I think it is flowing right out of my mouth. Then I have to say "oh, well it is the truth.

Rock, Paper, Scissors

Let's settle this like adults: My husband and I paper-rock-scissors everything!

What is with the folks in their PJ's? Sorry..just couldn't resist.

So funny! Sad thing is i am one of those people who make u feel better! I dont usually care what i look like when i go to walmart!

Lol I'll be getting a lift before that ever happens to me

Why Older Women Shouldn't Sunbathe in the Nude.- i totally laughed out loud

really though

Or even worse. when you think you overslept and still jump out of bed like a ninja. things-that-make-me-giggle

Need to do some digging? Check out our great selection of backhoes at http://www.rockanddirt.com/equipment-for-sale/backhoes

Never irritate a woman who can operate a backhoe. Did I mention I can operate a backhoe?

 hahaha can I also subtract my butt cause I don't think it should count against me either.

or 10 lbs as the case may be.(for brains not boobs! LOL ok, maybe boobs)

HAHAHA @Crystal Sharp Davila you sister are a bad hunter~and I rock btw!

hunters vs gatherers

"Vegetarian" is an old indian word for bad hunter. (Sorry to my vegetarian friends. but this was funny!

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I'm always disappointed when liar's pants don't actually catch on fire.