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I normally look forward to tomorrow, but because I have found that somebody... on days that seem hard, I think about how wonderful tomorrow really can bem, but it is up to US to make it that way. Nothing is given for free... we must take it upon ourselves to act and create the futures that we desire for ourselves... because nobody is going to do it for you! NEVER BEEN HAPPIER!

Dr. Seuss quote perfect for the kids reading corner... Either written on wall or painted on canvas. More


Ocean Water

Ocean Water - 7Up or Sprite, blue food coloring, Swedish Fish. Fun for kids summer parties. // For more family resources visit! :)

Here's to our best year yet! motivation // motivational quotes // quotes // fitspo // fitspiration // exercise // fitness // 21 day fix // fitness // workout

Sparkle baby! Shine like a diamond and glitter like gold!! You are beautiful, smart and just amazing at being you and don't let anyone ever bring you down or tell you any different you are all special in you own way!!