• Anna

    Karma or Poetic Justice... Either way it's hilarious!

  • Nish ツ

    People who talk shit will be reincarnated as toilet paper.

  • Flashwear.com

    lots of funny pictures and quotes from flashwear.com We sent our teams round the internet to find amusing stuff. We then sent them for a drink!

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Yup lol

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Q: What is the meaning of a “BAD ACNE”? A: It’s like waking up one morning in the park and realizing that a blind man is reading your face

the mrs!

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This is naughty - I'm expecting a slating for this!

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Alcohol makes you LEAN!


The Dark Knight of Londononium rises

London Mayor Boris Johnson trying to get a better view of Bradley Wiggins on the Time Trial

Whats London Mayor Boris Johnson doing up there? Looking for his office

Love this!

Thanks to the demise of G4S the olympics now has a new security team

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