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Pocket Watch, c. 1855, marked by English maker “E.S. Yates & Co. Liverpool”, owned by Robert Evander McPherson, a soldier in the 8th SC Volunteers. McPherson noticed that his coat was w/out pockets. His wife sewed one in, thus allowing him to carry his gold watch off to battle with him. July 1862, McPherson was mortally wounded at Malvern Hill. In an effort to properly identify her husband’s remains, Mrs. McPherson searched out the pocket & found this watch still inside. Charleston Museum.

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Pocket Watch 1820 Sotheby’s (OMG that dress!)

Pocket Watch 1820

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FATHERS DAY SPECIAL - Vintage Westclox Pocket Ben Pocket Watch - Manufactured in Canada April 1937

Vintage Westclox Pocket Ben Pocket Watch - Manufactured in Canada April 1937

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Vietnam-Era Zippos Engraved With Soldier's Personalities

A Sucking Chest Wound, from a collection of Vietnam War lighters assembled and sourced by Bradford Edwards for his book “Vietnam Zippos.”

Soldiers killed during the First Battle of Bull Run, possibly the earliest surviving Civil War photograph to document the dead after a battle, July 1861.

CIVIL WAR BULLET WOUND OF THE EYE, 1864 During the Civil War Reed B. Bontecou, MD Surgeon in Charge of Harewood US Army Hospital in Washington DC photographed wounded soldiers in artistic poses documenting their wounds. He was the first to apply photography to produce wounded and healed state photographs and it the first attempt to show the results of treatment and healing in soldiers.

U.S. soldier looks back at the beach after landing, Colleville sur Mer, Normandy, June 6 1944

Civil war soldier's carried about 40 pounds while on the march. Canteen for water, haversack for food and knapsack for sleeping/personal items. Cap box, cartridge box, bayonet and musket or rifle were all for fighting.

A soldier during the Civil War had his life saved by the Bible in his pocket. He wrote to President Lincoln about it, and the President sent him a replacement with the Presidential signature.