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dreaming of broken places and cigarettes and white lights And terrible passion Of breathlessness and freezing cold And breaking down in tears And laughing and running And faces I will forget And nights I won't remember

Alek Wek / laughing - I think she is so flawless, and the happiness in her soul always seems to come through in her photos.

China (people, portrait, beautiful, photo, picture, amazing, photography, boat, lake, hat, lantern, water)

This image of the dark-skinned and black-eyed and haired Jesus is dated 530 CE, found in a church of Rome. This portrait of the face of Jesus is totally different from those of the Renaissance era.

from National Geographic

Faces of Peru

Faces of Peru | Aaron Huey on assignment for "The High Road to Machu Picchu" in the May/June 2009 issue of National Geographic Traveler.

What is this child's story? Is it of pain r peace...does he r she know love r hate...I can I not care? ;)

Beautiful Blue Black - like Krishna. The blackest blue in India and she is subject to extensive prejudice cause of her dark hue! Dravidian ..The ancient "blue race" of India still exists in the bloodlines. Dravidian indeed. Kushite Indian Beggar in Mumbai, South India In Irish-Scottish Gaeilge (or Gaelic), people of African descent were historically referred to as the fir gorum, or blue men. People of this race were described as "blue" rather than as "black."

my name is rachael. I am a writer and a wife. I am twenty one years of age. I am my most honest, my truest, my darkest, sharpest self here. this is a place for me to express all of the facets I find intriguing about my universe. I am darkly fragmented and simultaneously brilliant and whole by the grace of God. hello, everyone. thank you for inviting me. please enjoy my meticulously constructed interests. -bleue.

Oooh. I love! It's different and not the typical entry way table and mirror. Love the wall colors too.