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7 Reasons To Become a Foreign Exchange Student

Every student should try studying abroad at least for a semester. It's a great opportunity to travel, learn a new language, new culture, and meet new people! •

6 Myths about Responsible Travel

It is important that you realize that if we keep traveling like this, tourism and travel will not stay the same. Understanding that there is a role we need to play by acting and behaving responsible at home AND during travels is a great start. This is whe

6 Reasons Why Spending Money on Travel Makes you Richer

6 Reasons Why Spending Money on Travel Makes you Richer {Big World Small Pockets}

I've got an El Salvador stamp and it's not from just driving through. «

Many travellers thinking about El Salvador travel, quickly decide against due to the rumors and stigmas of the country being far too dangerous to traverse. Click the article to read about my first hand experience in the country and why I don’t think you should skip it.:

23 Market Photos to Make You Want to Pack Your Bag Right Now

Off to market we go! Who loves visiting markets in exotic locales? I do! I visit them all the time and take lots and lots of images. Click here to visit 23 markets with me from all over the world! ~ReflectionsEnroute

Economy, Business and First. What's the difference in air classes

Economy, Business and First class differences in airplanes. Who knew you could travel in such luxury!

Credit Cards and Me - Not Always Best Friends

Border control, elimination of budget airlines and the dissemination of the EU? What does Brexit mean for travel?

There are a few myths about Paris that I want to clear. I experienced positive things in Paris but I also found some things a little disappointing. I'm