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  • Terry Sutherland

    Haunted Abandoned Amusement Parks

  • jade Miller

    Royal Land in Meridian, MS. Me and my cousin went in there once. I wish it had its old merry go round and Ferris wheel in there. That would be really awesome

  • Kimberly Phillips

    Abandoned Royal Land Amusement Park - Meridian, MS

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So afraid of these! White rollercoaster was my first attempt to get over this fear :) Alyssa Smith

Amusement Park. Reminds me of the Beast at Kings Island

Me and my sister called this the kitty cat castle..always had cats hanging out here...and old box cart from train behind..childhood memories growing up in Meridian, MS

Royal Land Meridian, MS This was the site of the old fair grounds years ago. It still stands in Meridian.

I think this is the abandoned park in Germany. These are the prettiest pictures I've seen of it.

Kulturpark Plänterwald / Spreepark. Abandoned amusement park in the Treptow-Köpenick district of Berlin (formerly part of the GDR-controlled East Berlin). The park opened in 1969 - and was hugely popular during the GDR-era. But after the fall of the Berlin Wall (1989) the park went into decline. It was finally closed, and left to decay, in 2001. I really wanna go here again.. Last time we were escorted out by a guard after only 10-15 min. I hope to stay longer next time - and get some great shots! ;o) Photo credit: /noemi/, Matahina, sahara. on Flickr.

Abandoned amusement park in Italy. This guys work is amazing! Follow the link to see his awesome photo's.

abandoned amusement park

This is on the top of my Bucket List. Anyone wanna go with me and take pics of an abandoned amusement park?

abandoned amusement park Pennsylvania: