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I am being a light unto myself. It is the greatest gift I have and the greatest gift I give.❤️☀️

" I knew I would have to save my energy, but the cold got the better of me. I made a small flame in my palm, and held it to the pile of sticks I had ready. One the fire was lighted, I took my hand away and lay down beside it, pulling the old, worn blanket I'd taken with me when I'd first run away, and pulling it up to my chin." ( This is when Yoko was eleven, and living in the woods.)

And he set fire to all I loved, the crackling flames drowning out the cries for help, the pleas of surrender. They were gone. And he was watching, a smile on his face.

What is Your 60's Anthem?

I got : "Light My Fire" - The Doors (1967)! What is Your 60's Anthem?