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Take the lead in your community by starting a drum circle. Not sure where to start? Over the course of eight lessons, Kalani Music will teach you what a drum circle is, and how it differs from other forms of community drumming.

Love this! I'd wear it!

‘I’ve Got a Drum’ Canon for Hand Drums

Set up drum circle with non-pitched metal/wood/tubano/bongo and djembe. Different entry points make this a great lesson in timbre for the little guys.

Seidr - The Ancestress Shamanic Path of Northern Europe The front of my drum showing the nine worlds and many of the different wights and being that dwell in them, surrounded by the Northumbrian Futhork. Ive had this drum for many years now, the frame is ash and the skin is stag from Scotland.

And now for something completely different - Stick the kick drum computer case under this drum kit desk - you can add a cymbal to one of the stand and use it as a desk lamp with the bulb placed under the cymbal.