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It's iron oxide that gives these gorgeous landforms at South Dunes their distinctive color. South Dunes Beach is in the Magdalen Islands - an archipelago in the Gulf of St. Lawrence.

The Scariest Taylor Glacier, Antarctica It may look like a geological crime scene, but the five-story, crimson waterfall is a completely natural wonder. The phenomenon can be traced back about five million years, when the glacier sealed off a microbe-rich lake beneath it. Isolated from light and oxygen, the water became more and more concentrated, both in terms of salt and iron content. The water's salinity level (about three times saltier than the ocean) keeps it from freezing,

Urban ruins: 35 hauntingly beautiful photos of abandoned and forgotten hotels

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Extreme Weirdness: Antarctica's "Blood Falls"

'Blood Falls' in Antarctica - iron rich water seeps from a glacier, quickly oxidizing and turning red.