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Infographic: Predicting the Future of Tech

Predicting the Future of Tech - Predicting the future has been a bit off in the past... I was supposed to have a flying car by now.

Tech Fond :: Food for your thoughts: Future Technology Prediction Future Technology


‘Barcode everyone at birth’

‘Barcode everyone at birth’ #future #tech

A smart fabric incorporating conductive threads and a processor module provides protection against intrusion and theft

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Smart fabric for new soldier uniform

Electrically conductive yarns woven into soldiers uniforms to reduce bulkiness of cables that are easily broken and mean they only need one rechargeable battery pack. This is less costly and will make it easier for the soldiers to get power to different parts of the uniform quicker without it being tethered. This is a good example of a new fabric used in something other than fashion!

Tech Review: D-Link Day and Night Network Camera DCS-932L inexpensive live streaming home surveillance video with sound smartphone compatible

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Who Will the Next Billion Internet Users Be?

The Next Billion Internet Users: What Will They Look Like?

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When are we going to learn to trust robots

ASIMO listening to Japanese ladies

cool technology

cool technology
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Shut up and take my Money

cool technology

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HP's Designjet 3D series start shipping to wealthy European prototypers

HP Designjet 3D Printer: uh....

Our Social Body Lab's Audience Jacket, featured on Talk2MyShirt (wearable technology). Jacket uses wireless tech and sensors to react with audience noises (cheers, jeers and applause) depending on your movements. SO COOL.

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Microsoft's designing women want to dress you up in wearable tech love (video)

wearable tech love... gives new meaning to the song "you light up my life."