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Hispanics in the U.S. use many devices to go online and are more likely to own high-tech gadgets.

Data Points: Tech Set

Hispanics in the U. use many devices to go online; more likely to own high-tech gadgets than non-Hispanics

我的首页 微博-随时随地发现新鲜事

Again, clear and simple layout. This example seems more appropriate for a website page where the use of simple info graphics could perhaps educate / communicate the value of the product?

New Fresh Web Design Inspiration | From up North

New Fresh Web Design Inspiration

Twitter / via pourmecoffee: The World as 100 People ... infographic by  twitter JackHagley

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London-based graphic designer Jack Hagley has created this telling infographic that reveals what the world would be like with 100 people. [click image to enlarge]

The One Brand Strategy: P, Unilever, Mars, Kelloggs, J, Pepsico, Coca-Cola, General Mills, Kraft, Nestle via @BrandingInsider @Brandergy

These 10 Corporations Control Almost Everything You Buy: ". most products we buy are controlled by just a few companies. It's called "The Illusion of Choice. Despite a wide array of brands to choose from, it all comes back to the big guys.