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1) Yeah buddy 1980-1983♥ Freaking right♥ 2) I feel like the worst #isles fan ever for not knowing offhand that THAT'S how playoff beards started... I vaguely remember knowing that now but geeze :p

Can you say what an ass he is ? ;-P Hope she got up & nailed him back !

NHL Playoffs "Break the Ice" 2012 Playoffs poster ... Watch Hockey on your mobile FREE :

Gong shows...all day...there's nothing better than watching every other team that isn't your team get the shit beat out of them. #DamnILoveThePlayOffs

Proud supporter of the Stanley Cup playoffs & all its diehard fans. - TBWA Playoff beard #ad

The NHL's Scott Hartnell embracing the power of the beard.

Being able to tell how well your team is doing in the playoffs by their beard length.