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    Lemon Shark, Bahamas Photograph by Jorge Hauser, National Geographic Your Shot




    Momma and Baby ~ 12/21/2014

    Scientists just captured stunning images of deep sea creatures off the c...


    Trigger Fish

    The pistol shrimp competes with much larger animals like the Sperm Whale and Beluga Whale for the title of ‘loudest animal in the sea’. It is distinctive for its disproportionately large claw, (larger than half the shrimp’s body) which does not have pincers at the end. A joint allows the “hammer” part to move backward into a cocking position like a gun. When released, it snaps into the other part of the claw, creating a cavitation bubble capable of stunning fish and breaking small glass jars°°

    Baby killer whale

    Picture of a lionfish in the Red Sea

    Daily Dozen — Photos -- National Geographic Your Shot

    Yellowtail Dascyllus | by Lauric Thiault

    Biggest Fish in the World | white shark the largest predatory fish in the seas unfortunately for ...

    Celebrating World Oceans Month with Photographs

    Frontal picture of a Giant Manta while filter feeding .

    Biggest Great White Shark in History | ... record-breaking 50ft great white shark off the coast of Ireland

    Picture of a baby humpback whale

    A longspined porcupinefish at the Nebraska Aquatic Supply. #photoark #joelsartore #beautiful #photooftheday #natgeo

    In the Shallows

    The Orca is attacking the Great White Shark in the open ocean.

    The flying gurnards are a family, Sea life | Dactylopteridae, of marine fish notable for their greatly enlarged pectoral fins. As they cannot literally fly, an alternative name preferred by some authors is helmet gurnards. by Alcides Dutra

    One of the Most Beautiful Squat Lobsters In the World: Galathea pilosa - The Featured Creature

    GoPro on hammerhead shark