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bands, black veil brides, evanescence, green day, metal, music, paramore, pierce the veil, rock, sleeping with sirens, bands saved me, cherri bomb

That is just straight up MESSED UP!! Many, many, MANY celebrities have saved lives!! It doesn't matter what type of music they make, they don't even have to make music! It can be anyone, any celebrity, any band member, if they're saving lives, if they have saved YOUR life. THEY. ARE. IMPORTANT.

that Dragonfly tattoo gives me so many feelings.

Bvb is one of the best bands in the world and I love them dearly and I appreciate everything they for their army.. BVB ARMY FOREVER!!

Yeah.. people were scared of me cause of me cause of my BVB shirt, and pulled their little kids closer to them and held their hands till they got past me. it sorta hurt but was sorta funny.<<a lot of people are to say the truth.

X'D i would pay to watch. they wouldn't know what to do they'd just be standing there watching the people in the mosh pit in horror

Because 5sos isn't classified as "emo"compared to better bands like BVB, that annoys the crap out of me

THE OUTSIDER #BlackVeilBrides

Andy Biersack artwork. Credit goes to Hanna Rose.