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Super Euros: Top 10 climate-change-fighting countries are all in Europe

Europe at night


An entry from a beautiful mess

Walk with me into the moon light. Sand beneath our feet, hand in hand, heart to heart and soul to soul. Walk with me into the moonlight, feel the embrace underneath the nights sky. Walk with me into the moon light as we kiss to end another day. Walk with me into the moonlight as we drift towards our dreams. Drift towards the dream that is our love.

Breathing mindfully helps us create space in our heart. Each one of us needs space and freedom - from our worries, our regrets and our anxiety. Coming back to our breathing, and letting go of all our worries and concerns, we become as free as the moon sailing across the night sky. Thich Nhat Hanh

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Weekend Photo Challenge: Show Us Your Supermoon Photos

Photograph Road to Nowhere - Supermoon by Aaron J. Groen on 500px

The moon and the Milky Way in the evening twilight over the Valley of the Moon (Valle de la Luna), near San Pedro de Atacama, Chile. - (DreamView)

animated gif-un mare blu di prussia

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Auroras and Star Trails over Iceland (Astronomy Picture of the Day RSS Feed)

Auroras and Star Trails over Iceland

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Earth Pics on

RT @BestWorldPix: Stars in Alaska

Lunar and solar halos are caused when light passes through ice crystals formed in clouds through the sky. - Credit: Shingo Takei