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Enjoying the fun snow fight on a winter day when everything is covered with white snow. I am really mad, stay where you are! See full size illustration.

Funny person by Puuung

A boring person? Not at all. I feel happy whenever I'm with you! You're the only one thinking that way!


"I can't take my eyes out of you~" his fascinated face tells me the truth ^_^

Different tasks, but same room...presence (Art by Grafolio)

I can't seem to keep my eyes open. Drink this cup of coffee. It will wake you up.

♥ KNITTING A SCARF "It's going to be beautiful once it's completed!" / "I'm going to wear this every day." ♥  by Puuung at www.grafolio.com ♥

"- It's going to be beautiful once it's completed! - I'm going to wear this every day" - "Knitting a Scarf" by Puuung

Discovered this artist - Puuung

I work to find the meaning of love hidden in daily lives into illustrations and animations.

Grafolio 이미지 뷰어입니다.

Booom, I love to scare you & then console you 😁💑

Haciendo ejercicio

I think we are gaining more stomach fat. It's gotten soft and round. Let's work out together!

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