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    The Gang of Eight pro-amnesty Senators are trying to con the House of Representatives into passing parts of an anti-American amnesty bill so they can get a Chuck Schumer-dominated conference committee and bamboozle Representatives into going along with their sellout plans. July 31, 2013 Eagle Forum

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Phyllis Schlafly and Teen Eagles at Eagle Forum Council XLI

Take Action -- Eagle Forum Legislative Alerts - Eagle Forum NO on Friedland for the Ninth Circuit! According to her, rights begin and end with judges. Friedland has sought to limit the rights of religious liberty and self-government, referring to Judeo-Christian beliefs as a "discredited practice" that "no therapist could believe is necessary or beneficial."

Listening to Rep. Louie Gohmert at the Eagle Forum dinner. 9-13-13

Hearing testimonies of success from our fabulous Eagles on the state level.

Phyllis Schlafly at Friday night Eagle Forum Dinner. 9-13-13

Obama's War on Religious Freedom - Phyllis Schlafly, Sept. 2012.

Pre-K Won't Help Kids-I know some moms have to work outside the home, but IMHO, families are happier if mom is mom and the kids get to be kids at home, not raised by strangers. Thank you Phyllis for telling the truth!

Obama’s Pre-K Power Grab "The Obama Administration’s real motives in funding pre-K are based on the leftist plan to take over what has traditionally been the duty of families. Duncan warned about the “challenge” of our culture (horrors!) “where people … prefer … the grandmother, the neighbor” to the government when deciding to whom their young children should be entrusted."

Conservative spokesman and communications professional Ron Meyer, 23, has filed to run for U.S. Congress in Virginia’s 11th District.

Salt Lake Temple Symbolism. Bryan and I were trying to figure them all out when we went to see the lights, next time we'll take this with us.