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Vitter: ObamaCare exemption is why Americans hate Congress

America as described by Trump vs. American as described as Obama America is already great. America is already strong. And I promise you our strength, our greatness does NOT depend on Donald Trump.

Seriously? If you overpay someone, you have a shitty accountant. No one should be over or under paid BY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT in cases such as this. Somebody was not doing their job, and that is what we need to address. Cut the fat in government. So many useless people on the payroll.

I would really like to see President Clinton nominate President Obama to the SCOTUS.

funny that this quote is actually from a needs to only look at the past century or so from the progressive movement to the new deal. guess what partisan republican sheeple, socialist-type policies existed in the u.s. long before obama was election.


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Thank You, President Obama and Senate Democrats For Standing Up & Fighting For Affordable Health Care Which Is A Basic Human Right.