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    • Vannessagr Vannessagrace, author

      Number Of Religiously Unaffiliated Congress Members On The Rise

    • Eagle Forum

      House votes to keep government open, defund ObamaCare | Fox News

    • brenlac

      Republicans accuse Dems of overplaying hand as budget debate shifts to sequester cuts - 10/14/13: The Collins plan would have funded the government for six months, raised the debt limit through Jan. 31, and delayed the health care law's medical device tax. Reid dismissed the plan on Saturday... Reid "moved the goalposts" by trying to "violate" spending levels set in the 2011 Budget Control Act...

    • Dwayne Holloway

      Senate leaders scramble to iron out new budget plan, as framework emerges | Fox News

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    House votes to keep government open, defund ObamaCare | Fox News

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