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OBAMACARE DEFUNDED 9/20/13 @Jamie Wise Dupree: House approves stop gap budget that defunds Obama health law; vote was 230-189

Tens Of Thousands ObamaCare ‘Navigators’ Being Hired To ‘Register People To Vote’ but still no money for WH tours.

Facing Tyranny, the GOP Had No Choice: President Obama, as much as House Republicans, shut down the government. He is not willing to compromise on just about any issue, leaving the GOP with no other options....

Country too broke to keep White House tours open, but the lavish vacations and parties continue non stop.

Dems block GOP's attempt to exempt parks, veterans from shutdown - Even if passed in the House, the Senate has already vowed to not ever consider them, & President Obama said he would veto the measures.

from CBS News

Koch Brothers' network will drop almost $1 billion on 2016 election

The stunning sum from Freedom Partners would dwarf expected spending from official GOP committees and many of the hopefuls expected to seek the party's presidential nomination in 2016. The $889 million budget is almost twice what 2012 GOP nominee Mitt Romney spent from his campaign accounts. Play VIDEO GOP presidential contenders test waters for 2016 The hefty budget also suggests that the Koch-backed groups are prepared to spend heavily and early to weaken the front-runner for the…

How does a country trillions of dollars in debt give out billions of dollars in financial aid to others countries | Anonymous ART of Revolution

Ronald Reagan~ "Socialists can provide you shelter, fill your belly with bacon and beans, treat you whey you're ill, all the things guaranteed to a prisoner or slave." (To keep you safe, for your own protection, of course)


MERS Not Yet a Public Emergency, WHO Says

MERS Not Yet a Public Emergency, WHO Says "The Middle East Respiratory Syndrome virus keeps on spreading, but the World Health Organization says there's no cause for serious concern"

DEMS WERE AGAINST CIVIL RIGHTS "U DON'T SAY" -On this day in 1964, Everett Dirksen (R-), the Republican Leader in the U.S. Senate, condemned the Democrats’ 57-day filibuster against the 1964 Civil Rights Act. Leading the Democrats in their opposition to civil rights for African-Americans was Senator Robert Byrd (D-). Byrd, who got into politics as a recruiter for the Ku Klux Klan, spoke against the bill for fourteen straight hours. Democrats still call Robert Byrd “the conscience of the…

This is The Funniest Man on Earth and this is now In the Top Ten Rankings of TV News Add Dana Andrea Kimberly And Everyone and what? Top News Broadcast in the World