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Sen. Ted Cruz Requests Consent to Hold Vote on House-Passed CR

GET RID OF THE "OLD DOGS!!!" Rand Paul says GOP divided on privacy rights because of ‘generational’ gap

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Possible Belarus link to ObamaCare raises concerns about cyber attack

U.S. intelligence agencies have urged Obama administration to check its new health care network for malicious software after learning that developers linked to the Belarus government helped produce the website, raising fresh concerns that private data posted by millions of Americans will be compromised. Specifically, officials warned that programmers in Belarus, a former Soviet republic closely allied with Russia, were suspected of inserting malicious code that could be used for cyber… -- from Family Circle: "If your health insurance coverage went into effect after Sept. 23, 2010, the full cost of many preventive services [e.g., mammograms] is free."

After 17 years, the discriminatory policy that forced LGBT members of the military to hide their sexual orientation came to an end on September 20, 2011, thanks to President Obama and congressional Democrats.

Register to vote and make sure that your friends and family do the same! #celebrateNVRD

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[P]resident Obama To Present His Fiscal Year 2016 Budget Proposal Today… | The Last Refuge | 2.2.15 | "The last time a federal budget was passed into law was September of 2007 for fiscal year 2008 and it was signed by President Bush. President Obama has not had a single day in office with a federal budget, EVER."

Obamacare Website Quietly Deletes Reference to 'Free Health Care'. From at least 6.26.13 to 09.15.13, under topic, "Where can I get free or low-cost care in my community?" the following statement appeared: "If you can't afford any health plan, you can get free or low-cost health & dental care at nearby community health center." However, between Sept 16-23, the reference to "free" care was dropped. The title of the topic was changed as well to "Where can I get low-cost care in my community?"


How to Get a Job at Google

How to get hired at Google: "The least important attribute they look for is “expertise.” Said Bock: “If you take somebody who has high cognitive ability, is innately curious, willing to learn and has emergent leadership skills..."