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Freedom Is Just Another Word...from Freedom Is Just Another Word...

Facebook Sunday …. Plus!

Cruz is fearless. Ask someone who doesn't get health care with their jobs!!

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'Duck Dynasty' and Dr. Seuss: Highlights from Cruz's anti-ObamaCare speech

His numbers went up after the debate even though they tried to ignore him-no questions for one hour! How can you not ask him about obama care and the Iran deal.


Jon Stewart facepalm…

Leave it to Rick Santorum to turn a moment of mourning for one of humanity's strongest individuals into a politicized and selfish rant. How pathetic

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The 50 Most Shared Facebook Posts Of 2014

Ted Cruz


Heidi Top Burks on

Photobomb/photoshop level: Expert! and One Step Closer To Getting Impeached and Thrown Out Of The White House Permanently

Should a man who can't keep track of his birth certificate be in charge of 300 million American's medical records? #politics #quotes #tedcruz

Obamacare-WHY are people exempted? ObamaCare should be as it was written not after Obama made 19 changes to ObamaCare w/o going through the legislative process as he should.

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R Joseph on

ObamaCare saves lives. For those who continue to criticize and keep trying to get rid of it - hope you don't wind up in her shoes, but you'd be the first in line to take advantage of it wouldn't you

Ted Cruz 4 President..actually it's an indictment against them. Better get to know the American people.

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Sara Spector on

All politicians involved in corporate lobbying must be prosecuted for their crimes. If Senator Ted Cruz is guilty of this crime, it's a real shame. He's one of the few politicians left who fights for our freedom. He can't protect our freedom if he loses his own, due to criminal activity.

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Karee on

MT @Karee_news: We The People can save America. #RenewUS #CruzCrew.....IF CRUZ GETS IT.....WHY CAN'T OBAMA.?......BECAUSE HE IS INCOMPETENT AS HELL.....AND MOST OF US KNOW IT.?

Ted Cruz and Rick Perry are against Obamacare? Texas has the highest rate of uninsured and teen pregnancies in the country.

Most votes should actually just be no. They ought to resist spending the peoples' money. Yes I know we live in opposite land to that now.