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    Reading a Few Letters from Those Impacted by Obamacare to #MakeDCListen

    2y Saved to ObamaCare
    • Remmy115

      Reading letters from YOU on the Senate floor to #MakeDCListen to Obamacare's impact on the American people......watching Ted on C-Span2 and tweeting Senators saying #Washington does not listen to the American people about Obamacare cloture. Obamacare is a job killer. Obamacare is a loser! ..... If you'd like to tweet go to for fast tweeting.

    • Josette Rojas

      Reading letters from YOU on the Senate floor to #MakeDCListen to Obamacare's impact on the American people.

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    Sen. Ted Cruz Reading Your #DefundObamacareBecause Tweets to #MakeDCListen

    Cruz excoriates his fellow Senators: “You know, it is fascinating how many politicians in Washington think this isn’t even worth our time. Mr. President, I will point out, as is usually the case, almost always the case, the Senate floor is largely empty. Everyone’s schedules are apparently busy enough that standing up, coming together to stop Obamacare doesn’t make it onto the priority list. We ought to have all 100 Senators on this floor around the[..]9/23. ... We're with you, Senator Cruz!

    Leadership means that, "the buck stops here.' Instead, Washington is shifting the burden of bad choices today onto the backs of our children and grandchildren. America has a debt problem and a failure of leadership. Americans deserve better." ~ Senator Barack H. Obama, March 2006, yep it's Barry's own quote...

    Beware Big Brother is Watching!TYrannical Brown Shirt Jackbooted govt thuggery.THe liberals in Washington DC can go to hell when it comes to controlling our lifes


    Civil Rights March, Washington, 1963. The following year, the Senate Democrats led the longest filibuster in history against the Civil Rights Act. Leading the filibuster were Byrd, who served for WV through 2010, and Al Gore, Sr. Gee, they don't teach that in school, do they?

    George Washington's original Thanksgiving Proclamation. - If you've never read it, it's worth reading now.

    The reality of #obamacare

    All the difference in the world to four dead Americans and their families....

    How the websites and companies you use treat YOUR privacy.


    Which ALSO makes OBAMACARE UNCONSTITUTIONAL...because all TAX BILLS must be started in the HOUSE...and OBAMACARE CAME FROM THE SENATE. REPEAL IT!!!! Stop the ObamaTax. Find out how you can help visit www.TeaPartyPatri...


    Civil rights march on Washington

    Ted Cruz Quote #MakeDCListen

    "...I was born an American, I live an American, I shall die an American." -- Daniel Webster

    HARRY GOES BONKERS -- Bad blood with Cruz spills into Obamacare fight in Senate. Harry Reid Lashes Out at ‘Radical’ Senate Republicans: ‘We’re Not Going to Bow to Tea Party Anarchists’

    If the American people do not speak up and act, America will be no more.

    Ted Cruz on Obamacare