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Sen. Ted Cruz Reading Your #DefundObamacareBecause Tweets to #MakeDCListen

Sen. Ted Cruz Requests Consent to Hold Vote on House-Passed CR

Ted Cruz Takes a Shot at Detractors, 'Courage' of Anonymous Congressional Staffers Trashing Him

Reading a Few Letters from Those Impacted by Obamacare to #MakeDCListen

TED CRUZ & TENNESSEE'S BOB CORKER GET INTO A HEATED BATTLE OVER OBAMACARE ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ SENATOR CORKER'S VOTING RECORD Voted for Indefinite Detention of American Citizens without Trial, Voted for TARP, Voted for Food Austerity Act, Voted for New Start Disarmament, Voted for START Treaty

Watch Ted Cruz End His Filibuster As Harry Reid Cuts Him Off.....9/25

Rep. Gohmert Shares East Texans Obamacare Stories