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Reading letters from YOU on the Senate floor to #MakeDCListen to Obamacare's impact on the American people.

No words needed

U.S. Congressman Jim Bridenstine's 1-minute speech on the House floor

  • Sydney Vogt

    This is ridiculous. If he believes he has a better moral compass than Barack Obama then where are his balls to run for presidency? He even went as far as to allow a woman to slander Obama by saying he "should be executed as an enemy combatant." Bridenstine is not a model to follow. Source of quote:

  • Ms. Janet

    Agreed, Sydney. If Obama is as evil as they say, why no impeachment? It's because there are no grounds other than unfounded lies from people like Brindenstine

  • Ms. Janet

    Sorry, Bridenstine.

  • Lisbeth

    I'm perplexed.... How can a true American support someone like bo? More people than ever on welfare, unemployed, and we've become the laughing stock of the world.I didn't vote for either candidate, but bo has been a sad joke, and I'm sure all our enemies have been rejoicing. Even Putin decided not to retire after first meeting bo- he felt it was a great opportunity for Russia to regain some lost ground. Read what Netanyahu thinks of bo!

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And true information is getting very hard to find. Be REALLY informed. Be intelligent think, analyse, try to UNDERSTAND everything. Question, think and don't 'eat' fast food 'information' that is almost always engineered prosessed artfully crafted lies these people have specialists in lies. Lies targeted to every audience they are very smart, and you have to outsmart them. The Bible tells us a useful shortcut: you will know them by their fruit.

Words at the Holocaust Museum. THOU SHALT NOT!!! "We learn from history that we do not learn from history" - Georg Hegel

I’m using this word from now on…

Spread the word… (not funny, but this board has the most followers, and therefore the largest impact. It's a great idea.)

  • Carrie Evolving

    How does it alert local authorities? Most local 9-1-1 centers do not have the capability of being a primary contact for app generated information. Does it have it's own call center that relays the information? Address? Names? Or can it only give a possible gps location?

  • Chloe Parker

    Carrie Mcknelly Evolving , I'm not sure if it does or not. I have the app for when I'm walking alone and might be in a scary situation (you can click the screen 3 times to send a distress message), but all I know is that it sends your location and your customizable message (which mine says call 911!) to your set emergency contacts. But, I'm not sure if it actually alerts authorities or not..

  • Chloe Parker

    Carrie Evolving (stupid pinterest)... Sorry Carrie Mcknelly Mcknelly

  • Jami Marek

    wow that is very very smart

  • Jessica N

    I think it's a great concept, but won't they (the abuser) know how to find out if the abused has this app? What with info available so easily nowadays and all

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