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    #RushLimbaugh - American #Radio_Host and Political Commentator, Annual Income

  • Courtney Cole

    On his Tuesday radio show, Rush Limbaugh said that the justified outrage over Ray Rice's video in which he knocks his then-fiancee unconscious in an elevator proves that feminism is "artificial" and that there are legitimate differences between men and women.

  • Sheri Hardinger

    Wow: This Lesbian Just Gave A Flawless Defense For Traditional Marriage "Once you change the definition of one word..."

  • Ronald Reed

    RUSH LIMBAUGH: GOP Willing To Lose Elections In Order To Get Rid Of Tea Party

  • Debbie Ostrowski Barton

    9/5/13 - Rush Limbaugh laments on Syria: 'How does it feel to have to agree with a former KGB agent' over your own president? The news out today is that Russia has compiled a 100-page report of evidence that the Syrian rebels used chemical weapons, not the Assad regime. Even the NY Times documents the brutality of the Syrian rebels today, saying it creates a dilemma for the West.

  • Betty J H

    Capitalism Doesn’t Work for Everyone’: This Is the Limbaugh Monologue GOP Consultants Will Hate - several videos you should watch.

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