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Ted Cruz will say anything to defund Obamacare

Rush Limbaugh: Obama Diminished Presidency by Talking National Security on Leno. 8/7/13...He tries to act more like a celebrity than a leader of the most powerful country in the world...wonder when he will do the things he was elected for TWICE?

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"That's one of many examples for their usage, but the executive order does not contain the power to violate the Constitution. The executive order does not give the president the authority to say, 'I don't like the Second Amendment, and I'm going to write a law that supersedes it.' No president has ever had that power. No president today has that power." -- Rush Limbaugh

rush limbaugh: if this administration will lie about Ambassador's death, why doubt that they would lie about the unemployment rate?

RUSH: ObamaCare Website Glitches Are Purposeful In Order To Keep People From Learning Actual Costs10/14

"I want to talk to you about executive orders. You see, there's a thing in this country. It's called the Constitution, and while presidents and members of Congress and mayors and others run for election every year (or every two years, or every four years, depending), the Constitution is constant. There's not one elected official who has the power to change it. There is a way to amend the Constitution, and the Constitution spells out the procedures that must be taken to change it" - Rush Limb...

RUSH NAILS OBAMA on Benghazi, The IRS Tea Party Hunt And The AP Phone Records Seizure And The Limbaugh Theorem: ever notice how Obama is always opposing what he is actually making happen so he won't get blamed? This gives the PERCEPTION he is working for the good of America when actually he is doing just the opposite. ....great audio here>>

Rush Limbaugh Rips GOP For Being ‘Embarrassed’ Of Conservatives: ‘Party Is Hanging By A Thread’....6/20....video>.......we're here GOP and we are STRONG!