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  • Pamela Myers

    Wow: This Lesbian Just Gave A Flawless Defense For Traditional Marriage "Once you change the definition of one word..." Avatar of B. Christopher Agee B. CHRISTOPHER AGEE — JULY 16, 2014 Read more at

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    #RushLimbaugh - American #Radio_Host and Political Commentator, Annual Income

  • Colleen Fulkerson

    RUSH: Media 'Trying Like Mad' To Blame Obamacare Issues On GOP -- Pub. on Nov 4, 2013 -- Remember how, a few weeks ago, the big media narrative was all about Ted Cruz damaging the GOP and the country over his fight to stop Obamacare? Well, considering how poorly the health care law is rolling out, Rush Limbaugh believes the fight may have very well been vindicated and for once, he said, the media isn't able to blame this scandal on the Republicans because too many people are living it.

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