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You would kill a baby because you think it will affect your way of living. Would you kill an elderly person who needs your assistance because there affecting your way of living? Would they not be considered human because they are dependant on you?

This is outdated (June 2016)...One shot I get, 2x a month, is $6,000.00 alone! And that isn't even the Chemo drug, just a drug I need with the Chemo. I will be in treatment for 6+/more months. VOTE BLUE.

Right wingers love to lie about Obamacare. It's a hobby--no, an obsession--that they may love more than pushing irresponsible gun laws, discriminating against s

Obama just VETOED Ryan’s irresponsible bill. obamacare_ryanhiding.gif (500×387)

Luis Lang irresponsibly chose to ignore the law and refused Obamacare. He is now paying the consequences as he is going blind and bankrupt.

The Huffington Postfrom The Huffington Post

GOP Congressman: Not 'Responsible' To Let Obamacare Fail

A Republican congressman running for the U.S. Senate in Georgia broke with many members of his party on Monday and said it was irresponsible to just let Obamacare fail.

THIS is an excellent analysis of what's behind the Republicans irresponsible actions: Hating Obamacare and the democratic process - YouTube

The Atlanticfrom The Atlantic

What a Small Moment in the Obamacare Debate Says About Ideological Media

Physician Perspectives: An In-Depth Look into EHR Adoption

CNN: Obama's Bain Push 'Doesn't Appear To Be True' Obama's entire Bain spree has been nothing but lies and irresponsible, outrageous charges. Negative campaigning is one thing, lying and hurling words like "felony" is something completely different. That the media will not hold Obama accountable for this reprehensible behavior is as much a black mark on them as it is on Obama. We saw a glimmer of hope for some accountability on CNN last night, but the question is: will CNN push a matter…


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Aug 2012 "Another reckless & irresponsible feature of Obama's illegal health care takeover that took effect on the first of this month was a little-known provision requiring insurers to provide--free of charge, of course (meaning, funded by higher premiums for consumers)sterilization services to children.

When will Red State Americans see that they are being screwed economically and health-wise because of politicians that continue to lie to them? Those of us that have seen the light must gently and civilly help them see the light. It is our civic duty as our mainstream media won’t.

Ted Cruz Lie Exposed By Student He Used To Attack Obamacare: It is no surprise that Ted Cruz got caught in yet another lie. What is surprising is how sloppy and irresponsible it was. Then again given that this man’s irresponsibility in unnecessarily delaying voting on a Continuing Resolution to keep the government running, it should be expected. Watch the video.


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Storms of new Obamacare problems for doctors and patients begin October 1