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KP - This is a timeline that can be hung up in the classroom to show events that led up to the Civil Rights Movement. It also shows events that have occurred after the movement, such as the establishment of Black History Month in 1976.

Jon Lewis was 23 when he was selected to be a featured speaker at the March on Washington. He was arrested scores of times during the civil rights movement and was badly beaten during a 1961 freedom ride protesting the segregation of interstate buses and at a 1965 march in Selma, Ala. Both events would prove to be turning points in the struggle for racial equality

This pin caught my eye because of how the women is being pertrade as. She has her head up as if she know she is strong and can do anything she wants in life. In class we talk about how fiminest want to be equal and not looked at in a different way. Every person should have equality no matter if they choose to like things that are not the "norm".

RaquelSpeaking: skinnychair: These are all actual events. These are all things that have actually happened to Eve and I. This is why I get...

An activist from the animal rights group "Animal Equality" poses in a giant meat packaging tray at the Cathedral square in Barcelona on March 20, 2013 during an event to mark global meat-free day. Description from I searched for this on


This Racism Is Disgustingly Ugly. But Her Reaction Is PERFECT.

This is a photo of the first Black girl to attend an all white school in the United States—Dorothy Counts—being jeered and taunted by her white, male peers. This photo encompasses a lot of things that I really hate: prejudice, ignorance, racism, sexism, inequality…but it also encompasses strength, determination, inspiration.

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Facebook Thursday … Plus!!

OP: "Who is really PRO CHOICE..." WOW! you forgot sexuality, religion, I could go on and on but I try not to waste too much time on pins like this.

HUMAN HARVESTING IS REAL: Fact, human are traded for body organs & body parts, grown, trained, sold for specific purposes. The medical industry cannot fill the demand. Human slaughter is everyday. Reports say human trafficking is organised by international crime syndicates from Africa, Southeast Asia and Eastern Europe.

Changing the color of a logo to gain traction:: HRC case study The Human Rights Campaigns flickr page reveals all the ways in which people have interpreted the marriage equality symbol.

John Boehner shows off his callousness while berating Unemployed Americans. HE JUST DOESN'T GET IT, neither do MOST OF THE Replublicans. """" ALL CITIZENS ARE AMERICANS and SHOULD have equal rights.

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Dress codes, slut-shaming, and the male gaze

Dress codes, slutshaming, and the male gaze.