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Hypocrisy Of Common Core | "Wilkow!" Common Core Special

Pinterest did not let me pin from the page, so please visit COMMON CORE: A BIG BULLY, what is happening in Georgia when the state decided to opt out of the "voluntary state led" standards. The link: bluemanoreducatio...

stop common core! sample math problem STOP COMMON CORE .COM PEACCS.COM

Common the graphic!!! Kids learn differently. Let teachers teach for real learning, not flipping testing

Common Core: Mandated Not Law, Not Funded, Not Evidence-Based, Not Field-Tested, No Pilot Program

Architects of Common Core Belong in Prison - NY18 Congressional Candidate Andre Barnett speaks out against Common Core, call it a crime!

Stop common core. No knowledge of what it actually takes to teach. Education is not CC's ultimate goal. Indoctrination to a socialized way of thinking. Excellence is not pursued. Mediocrity is king. Individualism is stifled for the "benefit" of the masses.

Video: Arkansas Mom Flattens Common Core. She presented facts and was very passionate.

Common Core does for children what McDonalds does for nutrition. << Utahns Against Common Core

9/4/14 - Texas Parents Stunned by Common Core Materials Coming Home From School -- They have heard endlessly that there is no Common Core in Texas. It is the law. Yet, this is what is coming home in the backpacks.