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Charlotte Iserbyt on Common Core Takeover

An explanation of Common Core in less than 3 minutes...

  • Kimberlee Irvine

    Yes it is! Please vet your information before you tout it as truth. Interestingly enough, the switch from persuasive writing to argumentation writing trains our students to do just that. Maybe everyone should go to the USOE website and educate themselves on fact vs. opinion.

  • Kimberlee Irvine

    And one little note on the comment by the AFPCalifornia, the correct word should be "fewer," not "less." Something you would know if you knew the core...I'm just saying...

▶ IF YOU'RE A PARENT YOU MUST WATCH THIS! The Perils of Common Core To Our Kids - YouTube

Watch College Students Try To Figure Out Common Core Math Problems, And Utterly Fail

Jane Robbins of the American Principles Project put these excellent videos together which help explain the issues of Common Core in a way that is easy to understand and share. Total viewing time is about 30 minutes. Utahn's Against Common Core.

Part 2 of 5 Stop the Common Core - YouTube. Illustrates how the standards for English Language Arts and Math are actually worse than what it being taught in schools now and will put children at a DISADVANTAGE rather than an advantage.

Stop common core. No knowledge of what it actually takes to teach. Education is not CC's ultimate goal. Indoctrination to a socialized way of thinking. Excellence is not pursued. Mediocrity is king. Individualism is stifled for the "benefit" of the masses.

They say that Common Core is all about the dumbing down of our future generations in order to make them more pliable to statist manipulation.

Arkansas Mother Obliterates Common Core in 4 Minutes!...(Please watch this... in 4 minutes this Mom explains what common core teaches and why it is wrong...This is why we are losing the war on Education...Please....get angry.. If you know somebody with young children let them watch this...Is this what their kids are being taught...This is the dumbing down of America..)!

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    Amen to that brother and will we're at it lets get the corporations out of the classrooms as well McGraw-Hill and the Carnegie's for example.

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    Sorry to vent but we've seen shop taking out of high schools, then any trades that used to be FREE are now going to Devry... then they took out music, then art, then gym, then cursive writing... what the hell are they teaching them. The study of studying or the theory of thoughts should be saved for Psych 101 at the local community college. I need my kid to get a well rounded education with basics not butterflies, circles and crap that isn't teaching them a thing :(

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    Thanks for your time - so nice to disagree with someone and neither party "act" disagreeable. Be well.

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    It's not black and white anymore ... it's socio-economic and it's about WEALTH that 1% wants our kids to buy their technology and be grazing sheep (head down Iphone up) and they want their kids to make and sell the products we buy.

  • Michelle STAGGS-Brown

    Did you know ALL the Silicone Valley TECH executives .. they are sending their kids to schools and FORBID computers. They are shoving this trash down our kids throats yet their kids are learning all the things ours aren't check out the article: "The private school in Silicon Valley where tech honchos send their kids so they DON'T use computers: Read more:

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