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"Democrats say that Republicans only care about the fetus until it's born - let's be real, Democrats don't care about immigrants until they can vote!!" - Ann Coulter

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Christina Davis on

Ann Coulter speaking at Eagle Forum Collegians Summit 2014.

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John Hawkins on

Phyllis Schlafly & Ann Coulter talking immigration reform at a National blogger Club briefing.

Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly giving a bloggers briefing warning about the dangers of illegal immigration reform.

Ronald regan "The work of praying is a prerequisite to all other work in the Kingdom of God." ~ Corrie Ten Boom

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Charlyce Bozzello on

@SenMikeLee at Eagle Forum Collegians Summit 2014 addressing America's "large and growing economic opportunity deficit."

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Randy Neugebauer on

Rep. Randy Neugebauer Had a great time talking to Phyllis Schlafly and the #Collegians2013 at the @Laura Knowles Forum Collegians Leadership Forum.