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    NATIONAL HARBOR, Md. – The “Queen of Conservatism” is deeply concerned about the damage President Obama has caused, but she told WND how she believes the country can be saved. WND’s Dr. Gina Loudon spoke with Phyllis Schlafly at CPAC, the annual gathering of conservatives just outside Washington, D.C. Read more at

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How governments of other countries solve national problems.. America has 313 million people, unlike many other countries.

Ok Obamabombay.... to Fundamentally change America we need more Illegals....after all they'll not pay taxes & just work 'under the table' (if even that..) and somebody's gotta foot the bill: a moron...

Study abuse and find out for yourself...LIE and DENY are the smokescreens abusers us to ABUSE!!!

.The danger to America is not Barack Obama.. NOTE: Everyone should read this and repined it. This is so very true.