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John Hawkins on

Phyllis Schlafly & Ann Coulter talking immigration reform at a National blogger Club briefing.

Sheep follow blindly...just don't be one of the sheep. It really is that simple.

The further a society drifts from truth the more it will hate those who speak it (maybe #GeorgeOrwell ) #LetsGetWordy

I.D. required for everything but voting! That way illegal aliens can vote,and you know who they will vote for DIRTY TRICK HOLDER SOMETHING YOUR GOOD AT

OUTRAGEOUS. And do you folks understand that the government will know EVERYTHING about your health?? Everything. And THEY will decide what you need. Not you. Not your doctor. The IRS. You people who voted for this deserve it, but those of us who didn't, don't.

June 2014 President Obama has signed more Executive orders that any other President in US History. Executive Order 13603...Google It ~ 1984 or the book of Revelation? ..j

It Appears That Eight SEALS Thought To Be Blown Up over Afghanistan fought on the ground until they were killed by the Taliban..... Everything about this story stinks to high heaven!!

Ann Coulter and Phyllis Schlafly giving a bloggers briefing warning about the dangers of illegal immigration reform.

I don't read POLITICO Magazine. but, an article in their July issue has managed to raise a few eyebrows. It also reminded me, why I choose to ignore POLITICO in the first place. Michael Lind of the Washington Post suggests that that Southern Americans need to be ethnically cleansed in an article he titled: How the South Skews America We’d be less violent, more mobile and in general more normal if not for Dixie. By MICHAEL LIND July 03, 2015

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Christina Davis on

Ann Coulter speaking at Eagle Forum Collegians Summit 2014.

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Blog Bash on

We're hearing from Phyllis Schlafly, President of Eagle Forum

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GOH Conservative PAC on

Phyllis Schlafly with Rep. Louie Gohmert.