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Immigration and the Future of American Conservatism - “We lose everything if we lose immigration,” | FrontPage Magazine

#Murrieta Black Protester: 'Illegal'... 'This Is Not a Racial Word!' “Who speaks for me?!” called Anthony Coulter at the protest site in Murrieta, CA. This [illegal] is not a racial word. Do you see white? Do you see black? Do you see Hispanic? Do you see Chinese, Vietnamese? Do you see human? Do you see inhuman? My history here goes back for over 400 years or more. I know I have a right to be here. I know I have a right to be heard. But I’m not represented at all.

Coulter, Ingraham Praise Dave Brat Win: This Just Sent A ‘Massive Wakeup Call’ To GOP

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Two relief workers with Ebola to be evacuated to United States.

Handout photo of Dr. Kent Brantly speaking with colleagues at the case management center on the campus of ELWA Hospital in Monrovia.

U.S. first lady Michelle Obama speaks at the start of a luncheon and panel discussion in the White House East Room during the first ever Fashion Education Workshop at the White House in Washington, October 8, 2014. REUTERS/Jim Bourg (UNITED STATES - Tags: