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Fighting to Defend Life. and I have rarely agreed with any of Reagan's ideas, or politics of what he considered "right"..right wing, right religion (of which he had none), right hopes, right dreams. He was and will never be a man of OUR times. His ideas were dead with he was governor of CA. still Goddess rest his bones.

Americans, what America is going through right now is not about politics; or Democrat versus Republican. It is an assault on the American way of life; because of what it stands for: Freedom. This is not the time to look away and not make waves. It is the time to be informed, Muslims have said it is their goal to get rid of our way of life. It is time to pray to God for help and the wisdom to know what is needed to be done..don't pass this on to our children.

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This should be a law…

This should be a law...

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