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Listening......???? Anyone?

Republican Tax Breaks for offshoring #JOBS + SUBSIDIZING RICH Profitable Companies NEEDS TO END!! #politics

Americans, what America is going through right now is not about politics; or Democrat versus Republican. It is an assault on the American way of life; because of what it stands for: Freedom. This is not the time to look away and not make waves. It is the time to be informed, Muslims have said it is their goal to get rid of our way of life. It is time to pray to God for help and the wisdom to know what is needed to be done..don't pass this on to our children.

The powers that be don’t care which political party you belong to because they own both teams. Their goal is taking all of the world to the One World Rule (NWO)

Want a FREE House? Be Careful What You Ask For !

After the primaries -- they plan to push the carbon tax/cap and trade -- could be a lifestyle change for many Americans

If you do little research, you will find that Republicans have done more to help the Black cause than the democrats have ever done.We need to work on poverty and fiscal fairness for all. But the theme of this pin cannot be ignored.

Interesting timeline: WHITE HOUSE INSIDER: Obama’s Benghazi Lie – Valerie Jarrett’s West Wing Meltdown - The Ulsterman Report

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Republicans' Post-Supreme-Court Plan For Obamacare: Just Repeal It

The Clock Is Ticking And Republicans Still Have No Serious Obamacare Alternative | HuffPost Politics | This is an extremely informative article and should be read by all, especially the bottom section that is entitled: Lies & Distortions of the Health Care Debate. Click to read and share the full article so as to educate yourself and others.

Abraham Lincoln, the first Republican president. The Republican Party was founded to stop slavery.

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Why You Should Care About Food Politics: 5 Steps To Understanding Health Policy

Why You Should Care About Food Politics