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un très beau point recto-verso : une aiguille 4, une aiguille 10, des côtes 1/1 avec la maille endroit tricotée torse. 70 rangs et 143 mailles au final j’ai changé de pelote au 50ème rang

Smooth (jogless) Bind Off in the Round If you bind off (cast off) in the round, usually you end up with a bump at the last cast-off stitch. Here's a way to minimize the transition and have a smoother joint. Bind (cast) off stitches using your preferred method until you have 1 stitch left on the right-hand needle.

I think it's showing that she is creating ladders by biinding off after a certain number of rows and then she "finger knits" all those ladders into large knit stitches. Great Idea :)