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Observation 1: Cognitive Development. I believe this is the very first prank that Jim did to Dwight. You can clearly see the boyish comedy that Jim values and how he thinks of Dwight as a coworker, not a friend. Regardless, Jim thinks this type of behavior is acceptable. The laughter and applause from his surrounding coworkers give Jim the encouragement to continue these pranks.He continued to receive praise, and did so until his first prank made him rethink his decisions.

"Everyone has called me Dwayne all day. I think Jim Halpert paid them to.".... I think I need to make a separate board for the awesomeness that is the office.

Conflict Resolution episode. My all-time favorite episode of The Office!

"Sometimes, I'll just wake up in the morning...and I'll be looking at her in the early light while she's still asleep. And I'll drag this shoelace across her face and I'll yell..."PAM, WAKE UP! THERE'S A BUG ON YOUR FACE!" She wakes up screaming." - Jim, from The Office

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