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Chill Out with these Cool Gadgets this Hot Summer

Requiring just a simple hook up to your garden hose, the Magic Showerhead Automatic Garden Shower 22 water jet nozzles with adjustable water height to help cool you down.

25 Cool Shower Designs That Will Leave You Craving For More

Wouldn’t be great to have a shower that leads straight outside? You can design it with double glass doors that can also serve as windows for a compact shower unit.

Outside is better

Not something that looks like it's real easy to do on your own, but a great outside shower none the less!

Waterfall in the bathroom. Gorgeous! BBC Boracay says: " Here in the tropical climate you can have a great outdoor bathroom. Love the idea to Incorporate this waterfall bathroom with a indoor-outdoor pool... So you can swim from your bedroom straight outside in your tropical garden..."

3 Top DIY Rain Barrel Ideas to Gather Water for Garden