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Looking for love? Tired of expensive traditional dating services, singles dances and being set up? The Internet offers an exciting and successful alternative. Perfect Strangers will guide you through the ins and outs of the exhilarating and sometimes confusing maze of Internet dating.

This book is, in part, a record of a passion by one who is not a proper Shakespeare scholar. It contains some conventional literary criticism (some harsh words on Portia, and an analysis of the Credo in Verdi's Otello) and some more eccentric material: a love letter to Cordelia, a short story based roughly on Macbeth, and a long personal essay on King Lear. Probably not enough "God" for the pious.

In this witty, scholarly book edited by his two sons, Professor Rudolph Altrocchi introduces some of the world’s most skillful and humorous authors whose purpose was to enrich our lives through smiles and laughter, guided by a playful spirit, the key ingredient of high quality humor.

Bookworm. Historian. Retail Survivor. Clever. Witty. Outrageous. Welcome to the inner mind of Badgwendel, the creator of the wicked web site, Includes EuroCulture ‘90:Paris and Buff Boyz: the Series, and brand new material not available on-line.

Netnography: Doing Ethnographic Research Online (Paperback) 1848606451

The Complete One-Week Preparation for the CISCO CCENT/CCNA ICND1 Exam 640-822 is an intensive, one-week study guide that provides students with all the knowledge they need to excel on the CCNA/CCENT exam. This certification guide is designed to make even the most difficult internetworking concepts easy to understand.

Discover what the OTHER gender ACTUALLY THINKS! If we could get the other perspective in the world of Online Dating, then perhaps we wouldn’t need to have to implement all these rules, strategies, games, and psychologies in the interest of meeting the right person for us.

Welcome to exciting realm of Java and Internet Security. Whether you are new to security or a guru, these pages offer introductory and advanced discussions of the hottest security technologies for developing and understanding successful e-business applications. This book offers several complimentary sections for easy reading and includes a generous helping of code samples.

Every day we are bombarded with new technology products that are confusing and difficult to use. For example, the new touch-screen voting machines in Florida are so difficult to use that some elections have been nullified due to all of the errors voters made while using the machines. There has to be a way to make things easy-to-use.

Identity Theft: A Comprehensive Guide, enables readers to understand, prevent and recover from the crime of identity theft. Included in the book are chapters on how to safeguard your computer, how to avoid scams, 40 ways to prevent identity theft, 20 things to do if you are a victim of identity theft, how to order your free credit report and FACTA. Thorough information is provided on the latest identity theft insurance and what to avoid in purchasing this type of protection.