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If you already play backgammon, don't you sometimes wonder how good you really are? Well, this book is your chance to really find out. The 50 situations presented here, cover most of the aspects of the game, from initial moves to bearing off strategies. Each problem is graded on the basis of 5 points for the optimum play and some partial credit for sub-optimum but adequate ones, if such exist.

Test your knowledge and broaden your music horizons! From Johnny Ace through The Zombies, author Jimmy Correa covers it all in The Trivia Book of Rock 'n' Roll Music: The '50s, '60s, & '70s. The easy-to-read format includes fill-in-the-blank, match-up, and multiple-choice trivia questions. A scoring system allows you to keep track of how well you know your music and artists. Learn interesting factoids and tidbits about an array of music, including:

If you enjoy Scrabble© but are clueless about how the experts score 400 points in their games, this book will let you in on their strategies. Follow these easy steps, and you can regularly use all your tiles to make “bingos”—and tote up the fifty-point bonus you can earn for each one. Discover a whole new level of fun!

The English language is a goldmine of wordage. Unfortunately, there are thousands of words that get little use. Refresh your exposure to thousands of such words. The Book of Dusty Words is ideal for those times when you want to spend some down-time immersed in an expansion of your vocabulary. As a book for people of all ages, The Book of Dusty Words is ideal as a gift for anyone, especially those for whom gift selection is a chore.

In Winning Chess Traps nationally-renowned chess coach Robert M. Snyder takes his Chess for Everyone book a step further by covering sixty-four additional opening traps.

In More Unbeatable Chess Lessons, chess coach Robert Snyder takes his Unbeatable Chess Lessons book a step further by covering twenty-four additional games with commentary on every move in each game.

All you hear these days is how poor the school systems are. Students in schools are failing in record numbers. Students even have problems with basics. Nobody knows who the vice-president is. Noone knows who the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court is. Immigrants are learning more from television than in their classrooms. It therefore stands to reason that this little book does its' share in educating the whole nation. This is only my first non-fiction book

Do you have game ideas collecting dust in the back of a closet – or the back of your head? Dust them off, pick up this book, and discover the simple steps to turning your concept to cash in today’s game market. Long-time industry veteran gives a concise and complete insider’s view of this fascinating world and shares the process of licensing or publishing your board game, card game, or party game for profit. Find out how the industry works and what companies are looking for in a game.

Why is there a twelve on the cover of this blackjack book instead of the usual twenty-one? No blackjack author in their right mind would put a hand of twelve on the cover. Glen Wiggy did—he is full of surprises like that. Part how-to manual, part memoir, 1536 Free Waters and Other Blackjack Endeavors—Finding Profit and Humor in Card-Counting chronicles Wiggy’s amusing experiences while playing blackjack during more than eight hundred casino visits from January 2001 until June 2008.

Welcome to the exciting world of foosball! This book is your guide to learning how to play foosball. In this book, you will learn the basics of the game: how to pass the ball, shoot the ball, and defend against shots. You will also learn advanced techniques for improving your game. Advanced players can also find useful information for increasing their level of play. Before long, you may find yourself playing in a professional tournament!