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      Are you hooked on SuDoku-a true SuDokuholic, looking for a challenge? Each challenging puzzle contains a single 'One Choice' number-can you spot it? Though there are other methods to solve SuDoku puzzles you're stuck on, practice in spotting 'One Choice' numbers will often give you what you need to continue.

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    Should I open it or shouldn't I? That's the question. Will it have a virus attached, will it be something I really don't want to see or read? Is it someone I know? What if I open it and don't want to download the attached file? How am I going to answer it if it requires an answer? Not to worry, be creative or let them think you are. Pages upon pages of fun stuff right at your fingertips.

    A brief look at the proliferation of legalized gambling that is occurring in spite of the contradictory attitudes of some political and religious figures toward legalized gambling, the payback percentages of various casino games, a strategy to avoid large losses, the place of comps and cashback in the gambling budget, the effect of gambling on taxes, and a description of cheating and other dangers patrons need to be aware of in the casino environment.

    The Totally Awesome 80s TV Trivia Book! If you ever uttered the phrases "Kiss My Grits", "I Pity the Fool", "Well, Isn't That Special?" or "Whatchutalkin'bout?", then this is the perfect book for you! Take a trip back to the real Golden Age of Television: the 1980s!

    The Sarcastic Sports Trivia Book Volume 1 300 Funny and Challenging Questions from the Dark Side of Sports By Paul Nardizzi

    Crossword Busters By James Dykes

    Have you ever purchased a book on games only to find that you have the same old run-of-the-mill rules that you learned as a child? Dominoes Plus is 100+ exciting games, 90% of them original. A professional writer explains to you the complete and detailed set of rules for each game. Similar games are grouped into topical chapters, with 25 illustrations for reference (that you will remember).

    Welcome to the exciting world of foosball! This book is your guide to learning how to play foosball. In this book, you will learn the basics of the game: how to pass the ball, shoot the ball, and defend against shots. You will also learn advanced techniques for improving your game. Advanced players can also find useful information for increasing their level of play. Before long, you may find yourself playing in a professional tournament!

    A thematic puzzle is a kind of crossword puzzle where all the questions are focused on a specific subject. For example: If we speak about classic horror films, a question could be: "There is an actor that is remembered as the most popular Frankenstein’s monster. His name was Boris..."

    This book is focused in the works of William Shakespeare. However, it is not a history book. It is a book of games inspired in his figure. A thematic puzzle is a kind of game where all the questions are focused on a specific subject. For example, a question could be:

    The life and chess games of ICCF IM Sture Nyman from Sweden, 1919-1997. Nyman was a three-time World Correspondence Chess Championship finalist and one of the top postal players of his era. 227 games, 30 annotated. Algebraic notation. 28 chess diagrams and 9 photographs. Player, opening and annotator indexes.

    The English language is a goldmine of wordage. Unfortunately, there are thousands of words that get little use. Refresh your exposure to thousands of such words. The Book of Dusty Words is ideal for those times when you want to spend some down-time immersed in an expansion of your vocabulary. As a book for people of all ages, The Book of Dusty Words is ideal as a gift for anyone, especially those for whom gift selection is a chore.

    Colonial Games, Pastimes and Diversions provides a unique look at Colonial American life as well as interesting background into some of today's most popular games. Why is the felt on pool tables green? What is the proper etiquette for dueling? How does one play cricket? What do you mean I know how to play Draughts?

    Tom Collins known as "The King of Video Keno" has authored a quick and easy guide to winning at Video Keno. Tom, a 15 year author of technical and "how-to" manuals, has written an easy to understand guide that is short and to the point. This is a one of a kind source of knowledge you should read before you drop one more coin into a Video Keno machine.

    The Eastern approach to Feng Shui practice is timeless while from the Western perspective it is timely. Feng Shui is Chinese in origin while the casino game of craps is American in design. For the first time in print, the author advocates the use of this Eastern approach to enhance the player's chances of winning at casino craps. No book to date has addressed the influence and role of Feng Shui in craps or the subject of craps and Feng Shui together.

    Make money in thoroughbred racing now. No more putting out money with no return. Marino Specogna outlines the steps to become a consistent winner as an owner, and a handicapper. Learn to never claim a losing horse, and learn how to find that special claimer that will continually take you to the winner's circle. Training and Jockey secrets are exposed allowing the beginner or pro handicapper to pick consistent winners.

    Word or number games and puzzles, reading, writing creatively and analytically, or conversation may be the best methods for keeping the mind sharp. Use it or lose it applies to memory. And crossword puzzle design or solving is one excellent way to begin to sharpen and focus as well as stay creative and analytical. Solve these puzzles to enhance your memory at any age. Or design your own puzzles based on your interest in a specific subject area or using general knowledge.

    Author J. C. Wilson compiles 117 puzzles that cover over a thousand persons and items related to outstanding Black achievements throughout history. Look up, down, and diagonally to uncover a "hidden treasure" of the names of Black achievers in a wide range of interesting topics such as arts and entertainment, business, civil rights, communications, education, literature, politics, sports, and many more.

    Texas Hold'em on the Net: How to Maximize Your Winnings gives you an in-depth look at today's most popular game. From initial registry to playing for a living, enclosed is everything you will need to access, evaluate and dominate your competition. Included are tried and true moneymaking techniques as well as how to avoid potential pitfalls and cold streaks. David "Maximum Dave" Bradshaw has worked his way through online tournaments to compile your road map to Internet poker success.

    Is winning the lottery jackpot a goal you'd like to achieve because you're seeking financial independence? Or simply because you find it challenging? In this book, I'll share with you my lottery playing experiences and insights. Together we'll probe the concept of windows into the future, lateral thinking, number bias, and oracles.

    Looking for the perfect gift for that boating enthusiast in your life? Or that trivia buff who has everything? Well, you’ve found the answer in Name that Boat! …Or maybe you’re the one who loves a challenge? Name that Boat! is the saltiest book ashore and will tease and please you with it’s interesting, intriguing and wide-ranging questions taken from boats real and imagined.

    A Brit Of Trivia is the answer to every trivia lovers dream! Whether you want to make your own entertainment at home or maybe pass the time on your way to a trip, here is a unique book which includes mystery objects, mystery eyes, mystery puzzles, name that person, state capital maps, name that year, tie breakers, true or false and over 1000 other questions. Test your intellect if you dare and enjoy this fun and exciting trivia with a twist book.

    This is a list of TV soap operas, series, mini-series, plays, game shows, and specials that contain more than the main characters, with cross reference. The list covers 40 years of Television from the 1950's to 1990, most long forgotten.

    A first-hand look at casino poker in the San Francisco Bay area. A unique insider's experience of the culture, personalities and behavior of players, dealers and casino management. A fascinating view of the realities around 3/6 and 6/12 limit Texas Holdem.

    This book is a wake up call for the experienced craps player who is familiar with the basics of the game. This book starts where most other books leave off. It will take you to new heights in the dice world. It is a revolutionary way of playing craps in the modern world. You will be exposed to dice setting, gripping, tossing, spinning and controlling the bounce. You will have the opportunity to gain the knowledge you need to become a dice influencer. Some people call it dice control.

    The Burma-Shave craze reached its zenith during the 1950s, with more than 7,000 signs posted across the United States. To market Burma-Shave, Allen Odell, an advertising wordsmith, devised the concept of sequential signs to sell his shaving cream. Typically, six signs were erected, with each of the first five containing a line of verse, and the sixth trumpeting the brand name.