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    unlikely friends

    • panda

      Polar bear hugs her wolf friend. HELP US! The leading causes of wildlife extinction, water depletion, deforestation, global warming, and ocean dead zones is due to animal agriculture for meat and dairy consumption!

    • Sadie Gjj

      polar bear loves his dog friend When are you all going to realize that this is a set up photo to get this cute cuddly polar bear hugging this poor terrified dog. You all think it is so sweet, what you don't see is that after this photo was snapped the polar bear rips this poor dog to pieces. Look at the photo you can see the chain about the dogs neck. This is canned photography, so you can all go awwww. This is cruelty and the photographer would have been paid well. So look before you comment

    • Toni Marrero

      Polar bear hugs her wolf friend. One of the sweetest things I've ever seen.

    • Xin Kuan

      Best arctic friends - cute pets and adorable animals, wolf and polar bear.

    • leann w

      Not photoshopped, the picture was in a documentary about uncommon friends. I man that raises sled dogs in the polar bears migration path took this picture and much more pictures and videos other the bears and dogs interacting. He was fearful of them injuring or killing the dogs but it turned out they would just come and hang out with the dogs, playing, cuddling and enjoying life while waiting for the ice to be solid enough for them to continue their migration. He hadn't lost even one dog from the polar bears and even witnessed them protecting them from other animals. It was a great story and interesting documentation.

    • Jacquie Burton

      Polar Bear Hug! #polar #bears #sled #dogs #pets #animals #wildlife

    • Gary Chandler

      Bear Hug. Sled dog lives to tell story. #PolarBear #dog #Arctic

    • lagartija Marilla

      Polar Bear Hugging Sled Dog | Funny Animal Pictures

    • mixelated

      Polar bear hugs her dog friend.

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