Letter Pp crafts

letter S - K uses the letter people to teach the alphabet. Maybe in art class we could extend the lesson to other creatures, etc.

the letter X

lots of cute alphabet crafts -Letter X

Such an easy way to teach kids how to blend letter sounds together to make words.

Mrs. Karen's Preschool Ideas: Getting Crazy with the Letter "C"

Letter Lacing - cardboard (cereal box, etc), hole punch, scissors, yarn. - ut off a long piece of yarn and double it, so it make a bog loop. Tape the 2 ends together tightly so that it makes a hard end for easy lacing.

letter of the week craft for each letter.

preschool V crafts | Our flowers were made from tissue paper scraps that we wadded up and ...

F is for Fox or Zoo Phonics Character X is for Xavier Fox: I'd use red or rust colored fun foam or paper, so that it looks less like a squirrel. Also, instead of faux fur, I'd make a fluffy rust colored tail, and have the kids add some white painted accents to the tip of it, and some white accents to the nose of the fox.

x-ray idea for the letter X

Craft ideas for uppercase and lowercase ABC's #preschool #ece #alphabet

letter z crafts for preschool - Google Search

T is for Train Craft - May 12, could make with reposition-able letters for name, site words,etc.

Letter activity

Craft for each letter. I might make each of these to have an interactive alphabet for my kid(s) to play with. There is also a book for each letter. Double pin!

Letter T is for Tree

Letter of the Week. Crafts for every letter of the alphabet!

Game to help them learn their letters (or numbers, or colors)

letter of the week o is for octopus craft #crystalandcomp