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    • Jennifer Lange-Pomes

      cool [The Helix Nebula in the Aquarius constellation, observed by the infrared VISTA telescope at the Paranal Observatory in Chile. Some have referred to the images as the Eye of Sauron, from JRR Tolkien’s Lord of the Rings.]

    • Perichole Monchole

      Best Galaxy Space HD Wallpaper

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    Shooting Star and Milky Way over Goblin Valley National Park in Green River, Utah. Photo Credit: Bret Webster The Milky Way is seen in the distance over a collection of hoodoos, tall spiny columns of rock which protrude from the bottom of arid basins.

    Orion Nebula in Oxygen, Hydrogen, and Sulfur Image Credit Copyright: César Blanco González, The Orion Nebula spans about 40 light years and is located about 1500 light years away in the same spiral arm of our Galaxy as the Sun. The Great Nebula in Orion can be found with the unaided eye just below and to the left of the easily identifiable belt of three stars in the popular constellation Orion. The above image shows the nebula in 3 colors specifically emitted by hydrogen, oxygen sulfur gas.

    Harvest Moon.

    The Milky Way over Poipu Beach in Kauai, Hawaii via flickr

    Black hole 0.0

    Planetary alignment of Venus, Mercury, and Saturn with the Giza Pyramids in Egypt. This phenomenon only happens once every 2,373-years and the next event is set for December 3, 2012, at one-hour before sunrise.


    deep space

    Space: 1999. I was young. It was British. There was a vaccum of good sci fi on tv. The ships were amazing.

    Moon Dates 2013

    Space clouds

    A lesson in perspective

    pink universe

    Veil Nebula

    A Dying Star Shrouded by a Blanket of Hailstones Forms the Bug Nebula (NGC 6302)

    The Highest Resolution Image of Earth Ever

    Ultraviolet Saturn (NASA, Hubble, 2003)

    Smoke Signals

    The Brightest Star Yet Known

    NGC 6357: Cathedral to Massive Stars

    Earth will supposedly be in the horrific tail of this comet( space thing), hence meteors(brimstone) will shower the earth. And if that's not scary, its gravity pull may be enough to skewer earths orbit around the sun. Disrupting our space time continuum or causing the tectonic plates to shift/break. And then the volcanos will erupt, bringing a few days of darkness and fire that stretchers your shell !)

    Wow! Breathtaking!

    Solar eclipse from orbit

    Soap Bubble Nebula

    Ghost Nebula: located in the constellation Cepheus, reflection nebula.