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“Just the hill and me. Just the challenge and me. Just my fears and me. Bring it on.” In need of motivation? Martin Dugard's book To Be a Runner is packed with it.

So you got your workout in this morning. Was your brain in on the action? Here's 7 tips to increase mental health.

I started my weight loss journey in I was at back then and now I weigh at Over the years I learned how to live healthy, be active and became vegan in I'm all about healthy foods, I track my noutrients and eat mostly clean but with some treats ;-)

Scorpion pose is a beautiful balance of strength and vulnerability. It can be scary to go upside down, but itÍs such a powerful way to shift your perspective and tap into playfulness. At the same time, youÍve gotta be strong to float up gracefully and that all comes from inner strength and breath. Strength + vulnerability + breath and + play = a pretty powerful recipe for living.

Nike 'Pro Classic' Logo Dri-FIT Sports Bra

See more here ► Tags: tips for losing belly fat fast, how to lose the belly fat fast, how 2 lose belly fat - How To Motivate Yourself To Lose Weight ~ get yourself a workout buddy...someone who has the same goal as yours, or better and start the journey.

Just in time for your annual review, we're re-reading Lean In.

What’s in your food? This and other great questions after reading what’s happening in This week in wellness.

Powerlifting coach and Nike trainer by day, superwoman by night. Meet trainer Jess Kilts.

If you want to understand why we love Vital Proteins, it all comes from the CEO and his passion for the business. Oh, and he's got some pretty cool stories about his time at NASA, too.