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King Solomon (Sulaymān) enthroned; part of a double-page composition featuring also Queen Sheba (Bilqīs) from Collection of poems (divan), Walters Art Museum Ms. W.631, fol.2b by Walters Art Museum Illuminated Manuscripts, via Flickr

King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. 16th c. Persian art. Safavid period. Miniature Painting. © AISA/Everett Collection

Queen of Sheba Ethiopia | ... HEROES: THE QUEEN OF SHEBA: King Solomon receives the Queen of Sheba

The Queen of Sheba Enthroned Object Name: Illustrated single work Date: late 19th–early 20th century Geography: Iran

Image detail for -Black History Heroes: The Queen of Sheba: Ethiopia's Queen Makeda

Makeda: The Queen Of Sheba Doll. Makeda, the Queen of Sheba, is depicted as she probably looked at the height of her glorious reign. Handwoven in Ethiopia by artisans using ancient methods, the costume is an authentic Ethiopian design with a traditional border of gold, lapis lazuli, ruby red and the emerald green colors of her kingdom. Her lustrous black hair is braided from the front to back in a long, natural wave.

This photo displays a bronze inscription recently found in southern Arabia-the land of Sheba-that refers to "the towns of Judah." It indicates that there were trade relations between Israel and the homeland of the Queen of Sheba. The artifact is dated to the end of the 7th century BC, after the time of Solomon, though it shows the plausibility of the contact between Israel and the land of Sheba during Solomon's era as portrayed in such passages as 1 Kings 10.

Harley 4431 Hoppenes and Atalante, c. 1410. Look at that lovely dress, also uncovered hair and very racy neckline. ;)

Peter Szasz - Persian Miniatures - "The Queen's Room"

Shirin (sense of sweetness) Shahbanu of Iran, wife of Khosrow Parviz Sassanid.

Saint Queen Margaret of Scotland: Margaret was the mother of three Kings of Scotland and a Queen consort of England. (This may be Margaret of Hungary instead, but I like the dragon...)

Boadicea, Iceni Warrior Queen. Just saw a documentary about her - one fierce, freedom-fighting female!