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#Limited #Edition of #Super #Bowl XLIX Champions Patriots Personalized Men's Rings, along with #Steins, #Trains, #Women's #Patriot #Sneakers and a whole lot more.

It was just liberal media scare mongering everyone, making everyone think that trump would ruin America, well newsflash, he could be the best president we have ever seen!

MSM! Where have all the professional journalist gone? Now we just have bought and paid for media. Bastards....

100 Percent FED Up Soros commits one million to Obama SuperPac. FYI, Soros was a Nazi collaborator.

Sorry Darryl... The President and DOJ only get involved if the person who hurts you is partially white, it's called race-baiting. Welcome to Obama's America.

This woman and many liberals like her would love to censor your news before it is aired. In their minds, if it doesn't agree with their agenda, it is criminal and must be banned. How can any logical person claim that Fox News is THE corrupt news station? CNN/MSNBC are so blatant in their propaganda that the Nazis would blush after watching a few minutes of "news".

Wonder if anti-Obama reporters are on his kill list... there've been several mysterious deaths - just say'in...